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I personally welcome you all as the Global President to this new chapter in mankind’s history and to a period of enlightenment in new thinking and different ways never tested before of doing things but nevertheless a journey we must undertake as a people to reach our intended destination. I personally believe humanity has failed. Full stop! Humanity has opted for the cheaper inferior quick ways of doing things yet the most destructive ones relying on outdated ways of going about every aspect of life. Humanity has opted for weapons as a solution to everything. Yes, make cheaper weapons and use these to get the most expensive things unfairly and below market price. I am a businessman as well I understand the rationale behind this approach; make cheaper items and use these to get all the expensive ones. Makes sense. But that makes sense if this is the only option. I understand your underlying rationale, as well as, should I say your methods of dealing with the economy, the financial aspects, the environmental or even the political methods which are outdated and honestly not-fit for the purpose. Mankind has failed to think out of the box. He has opted for the quick, easy methods which are short-sighted therefore just concerned with solving short-term issues. But what if there is a clever even better way of doing things with the only drawback being that it requires bold guts and superior thinking and relies on the foresightedness of the decision-maker? Yes, there is a solution to all global problems. The only method to take humanity to the next level. A perfect method that sees everyone better off. A method that takes humanity to levels of development and wealth never witnessed before. The only way it was intended but also one that requires brave minds and bold guts because this means changing what we have been doing for the past 2000 years. They say hard habits die hard. Your leaders in the past have opted to silence the bold and the brave rather than change their ways. But now they have no option. Time is never on their side anymore. For the past seventy years, we have seen them try all the tactics to eliminate today’s problems, but I tell you this; the problems and issues at that time are still the issues now. The current system has crashed. Mankind had a chance after a chance to change and take the right road out of the defensive stages to Networking and Cooperation the way it is intended but there was no overseer or leader bold enough to show them how and which path to follow. Wars were signals to mankind for him to change. Okay, your leaders tried to change soon after the World Wars and opted for peace but after the memories of the war-traumas had vanished so as the need to advance ahead and change for good. A global leader was lacking. One unbiased and not representing any nation, institution or cult. One to put down a platform and laws that will make the transition easy. Soon after the wars in most cases two years after witnessing the traumas of the war, the mind seemed to have forgotten and soon mankind was at it again; killing women and children using weapons and wars to get whatever he needed. Killing millions of the innocent and defenseless to ‘control others for peace purposes, to lower prices of expensive resources like oil, etc. But I ask you this. What peace? Whose peace? Do you honestly believe that the innocent women and children who died and are still dying because of wars, sanctions, invasions, etc. don’t want peace too? I don’t bloody care what justifications they give for all this. To all mankind, peace starts with these. The women and children who are the most precious group of any society but who are sadly viewed as easy targets to be used as baits through sanctions and so on to drive political agendas, etc. I say we must put an end to all this. I understand in the past mankind had no lasting solutions for all global problems. To some degree, this was his downfall, but we are saying we have come up with a solution. There is a way to solve all global problems. Ignorance can never suffice, nor can it ever be relied upon. We have shown the way in this book and as such with immediate effect we have drawn a line and written our laws that everyone must obey. These laws are common; currently known as the Jus Cogens that no one can claim not to know. Everyone knows that it’s wrong to kill the innocent, defenseless people of any society yet the most valuable of any society through whatever means; sanctions, invasions, poverty, etc.  So, as such, we have banned all things giving your leaders ‘rights to murder’ these precious people of any society. Things are never going to be the same again. We anticipated resistance and have introduced new ways of dealing with evil. Trust me, there is no way out. Our laws will sink them down. Our system is fair and just. It’s universal and I guarantee you today that we already have global appeal. What we stand for is what everyone; the young, old, rich, poor, no matter what background, genetic heritage standing, or sexual orientation wishes for and wants. What we stand for is everyone’s dream. We stand for all humanity and will provide solutions to help every nation on earth witness riches and levels of wealth never seen before. Our plans are bold and genuine and will solve all global problems. It’s a tough road but I guarantee you wealth never witnessed before, happiness and peace of mind. I am ready. Are you ready to change the world for the better? What’s not to like about banning wars through effective war-banning-laws? Banning weapons forever. Banning sanctions. Banning reliance on fossil fuels the main trigger of all wars and needlessly deaths of women and children. After all, it’s just a fossil fuel; once it’s gone, it’s gone what is not to like to start now planning the future through searching of alternate reliable, clean energy sources while saving lives of people who would otherwise end up dead due to invasions meant to beat the oil queues. Above all at the same time fighting climate change. All current vehicles relying on oil and other fossil fuels, to be banned by a certain date. Imagine the military instead of killing, they will be creating. Instead of destroying they will be building. Do you know that it is a crime for our best boys and girls [in soldiers] to die needlessly? Gone are the days when your leaders reduce the government’s bill through sacrificing thousands and wiping off thousand names off the soldier-salary-list; sending them out there unequipped well and facing never seen before threats in roadside bombs, etc. without proper informational-intelligence. Everyone must be accountable and should recognize and obey our laws. Life shall be valued and the right to life shall mean that in every sense of the phrase. Trust me after reading this book you will know that I mean business. This is a global movement and you MUST be part of this New World Order. Ladies and gentlemen; join us and be part of Tomorrow’s World Order [TWO]. Change is imminent and inevitable. Be on the winning side. It’s a win-win situation. But first, you MUST read this book and understand what we stand for and our methods. Let’s make today a better tomorrow for everyone even if not for us let it be for our children. Thank You. I am the Founder and President of Tomorrow’s World Order. A global movement not biased or linked to any nation nor cult for that matter. A movement to solve all global

issues through new laws, new methods and leading the way. We are Sovereign in our own right and have our own currency that will revolutionize life as we know it. An investment for you as well as you can buy our global currency that will act as the New Single Reserve Global Currency also while tackling global issues, a win-win situation. Are you ready?


Tomorrow’s World Order.

Your Future Your Say. Building a Better Today.

Founder and President

Mr. David Gomadza    Signed 08/07/2019   00447745900178

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All What We Stand For In A One-734-Page Book:











Establishing our legal name and enabling our party to be easily identified.




These are Tomorrow’s World Order’s written rules and laws that we use to structure and manage the affairs of the political party.



Tomorrow’s World Order




1.The name of this political party shall be [Tomorrow’s World Order] United Kingdom hereinafter referred to as the party. The party can be abbreviated as TWO [UK].

2. Our logo is a hand in a victory or TWO sign with the inside of the hand facing forward.

3. TWO [UK] is a constituent country-specific part of Tomorrow’s World Order [Global] and is subject to its rules and constitution.

4. Our slogan is; Your Future Your Say.

5. The geographic area of TWO [UK] is in all England, Scotland, and Wales.



1. We as [Tomorrow’s World Order];

2. We intend to register on the Great Britain register with the intention to contest elections in all England, Scotland, and Wales (Great Britain register).

3. [Tomorrow’s World Order] party intends to contest elections in UK’s parliamentary general elections in all England, Scotland, and Wales.

4. Through our constitution and the adopted Financial Scheme of [Tomorrow’s World Order], the party has processes in place to comply with the rules that govern the election and financial activities of our party. See our constitution and the attached Financial Scheme in Article 20; that our party has adopted.

In all our dealings within the United Kingdom and globally we confirm that our constitution and how Tomorrow’s World Order as a party operates, adhere to all principles of full equality and comply with the Equality and Human Rights Commission rules, laws and regulations. For clarity, any reference to masculine in this constitution can be a THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 3 reference to any; either feminine or masculine. We shall adopt an Affirmative Action policy: that makes us comply with gender and equality laws as such we shall adopt a 40:40:20 % rule. This means we shall aim to have an equal number of women and men in most of our organizations, committees, and branches. That means forty percent shall be women and forty percent men with twenty percent made up of either gender. We as Tomorrow World Order [UK] declare that as a political party to be established in the United Kingdom, we shall observe the rules and regulations in our conduct as a political party as stated in the Political Party, Election and Referendum Act 2000.

5. Our party TWO [UK] shall act fair and not favor people due to their religious beliefs, sex, race, education, other beliefs, ethnic origin, class, sexual orientation, etc. the list is not exhaustive.

6. We as TWO [UK] in conducting all our activities shall observe the requirements placed upon us by the United Kingdom of observing the rule of law, democracy, liberty and all human rights.




1. Tomorrow’s World Order arose out of the realization that mankind for the past 2000 years has been stuck in defensive stages of development where he can’t afford to buy everything he needs and instead with the little he has designs and makes weapons which he then uses to get everything else he needs by force, through wars, invasions, assassinations, sanctions and all kinds of evil; in the process killing innocent women and children; people who are the voiceless and defenseless of any society.

2. Yet there is a system that will increase individual, national and global wealth to levels never imagined before. A system that makes everyone afford to buy any resources at market value. Yes, a new system of governance and fiscal planning and management that will revolutionize global wealth and development.

3. The major factor is the fact that a new system is a must and THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 5 urgently needed.

4. The current system is obsolete and not-fit-for purpose, yet we still use it despite several financial crises with the 2008 being the last major one, global poverty, global debt above $244 trillion, mediocre living standards for the past seventy years and stagnating economies with some developed nations falling back into developing nations. Poor fiscal planning and management everywhere when there is an answer. I aim to introduce a new system of governance and financial planning that will eliminate global, country and individual debt. Increase wealth, raise living standards and make everyone witness wealth never dreamt of globally at the same time installing the rule of law.



The first aim and the objective of Tomorrow’s World Order is to endorse our selected candidates to contest, win and take roles as the Prime Minister or President or Chancellor, etc. through the General, Parliamentary and or the Presidential elections and to participate in all elections; to be selected for roles in the House of Commons, the Senate and the House of Representations depending on the country in question.



1. Is to represent Tomorrow’s World Order [Global] in the United Kingdom that is in England, Scotland and Wales THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 6 promoting its views and principles as in its constitution.

“The purpose of this party shall be;

2. To contest elections and win positions and seats in all elections and at all levels of the government and one day to win the leadership contest so that our political party will be the ruling party in the United Kingdom that is in England, Scotland and Wales.

3. To write, develop, publicize and promote the views of Tomorrow’s World Order [Global] in the United Kingdom that is in all England, Scotland and Wales and applying these on a national scale with the aim of taking humanity to another level of development bringing in wealth to all mankind at levels never seen before through our policies, procedures and rules.

4. We as a people have the potential to achieve great yet we are operating below our optimal levels.

5. We aim to change mankind’s thinking of emphasizing austerity measures and show all mankind that growth is the only answer to all global and national problems; the way nature intended.

6. Prosperity to all mankind and not just to the few privileged ones. 7. To plan, organize, promote and take part in all peaceful activities within the United Kingdom.

8. To advance our agendas and gain the trust, support, and backing of all the people and convince all that only our policies are the only real solutions; the only way forward.

9. We have heard and seen all current policies in play and we already know the disappointing outcome and now it’s time for change and change can only mean growth and levels of wealth for all never experienced before. We have the answers.

10. We aim to participate in all elections and referendums at all levels,

11. We aim to take all won seats and where there is ambiguity the party leader must decide. If still doubt exist, the national party leader can put the matter before the global leader of Tomorrow’s World Order unless it is the same person in which case he has, or she has to decide therein.

12. The elected members to represent our party at all levels and THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 7 advance our goals and objectives.

13. The national party for that region here TWO [UK] will link and cooperate with the main party TWO [Global] and with other local institutions, bodies or even other charities, etc. for the sake of carrying out its duties as in the constitution or where the leader sees fit.


a. To introduce a new system of governance both at a national and global scale that emphasizes the printing of new money as the only true source of growth and individual, national and global wealth.

b. To shift the thinking from austerity: living within your means, to an emphasis on growth giving the people more power in decisions and policies that affect them.

c. To bring to all mankind wealth levels never experienced before. d. To protect already accumulated wealth and put things in place to make sure that this wealth is passed on from generation to generation rather than be taken by the government or institutions or charities.

e. To protect savings already accumulated and put things in place so that these savings often accumulated over the years won’t be lost in a short period of time.

f. To introduce a health plan that is free but fair where all citizens have to maintain a balance in their government-owned-yet-individual savings account above a certain level to qualify for free health, with the government using this savings account as collateral to offer free services. The government depending on circumstances can match the balance, double it, triple it or even multiple this tenfold in order to provide enough cover.

g. To abolish the taking of wealth of the deceased-withoutrelatives by the government.

THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 

h. To ban donations of wealth especially by the elderly to government, institutions like hospitals and or charities. Wealth to be left to relatives only and even distant relatives rather than the government, institutions like hospitals and or charities.

i. To abolish income tax payments and collection by the government.

j. To ban payments of national insurance and collection of these by the government.

k. To introduce instead a collection from the income of a singledigit-figure initially and opening of an individual savings-but government-owned account. An account that will be held by the government until a time when a person reaches a certain age, or the savings account balance reaches a certain amount before the person has access to it.

l. To introduce a new government-backing of its citizens policy where it is indebted to its people; where it bails-out the people instead of banks first, a system where governments are mandated to protect the wealth of its citizens and are proactive to cushion the wealth by providing loans, mortgages, etc. through the individual savings-yet-government held account.

m. Instead of collecting taxes and national insurance from income and wages the government shall collect savings straight to the citizen’s savings account which the government will use to assess eligibility levels for free health, loans, mortgages and pension support, the account remains in possession of the government until such a time when the individual reaches a certain age say 60 to have access to it and or if the contribution balance reaches a certain value e.g. $100 000 for argument’s sake then the person can have access to it.

n. This individual savings-yet government-held account’s balance will act as collateral in order for the government to offer free health, loans, mortgages, etc.

o. To advance and promote the printing of new money as the only true source of growth and wealth to a level never seen before with 5-year cycles of printing.

p. To introduce a new system to deal with hyperinflation and all issues associated with the printing of new money. THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 9

q. To introduce a new system where all nations on earth must adopt our digital currency as the New Single Reserve Global Currency [NSRGC] in order to take humanity to levels never seen before.

r. To advance a system where all nations on earth will use two currencies as the base currencies namely their own sovereign national currency as the first currency and secondly adopt and use our digital currency FutureGoldCoin as the second base currency, even though nations can use more than two currencies these must be the two critical currencies to achieve growth and wealth to levels never experienced before.

s. To advance and lay a new system and framework of global governance where there is the rule of law, democracy, peace and wealth for all to new heights. A system adhered to by all simply because the system represents everyone and is for all; an effective system.

t. To introduce a new system of analyzing debt and dealing with individual, national and global debt and a new system of treating debt as having a depreciation value.

u. To introduce a new system that encourages individual, national and global savings, introducing the governmentowned yet individual savings accounts, introducing Tomorrow’s World Order Global Reserve Bank where all nations after printing new money have to deposit this new money in the Global Reserve Bank as savings which we will treat as collateral and offer them the equivalent of our universal global digital currency the FutureGoldCoin which they must use in their economy to achieve growth to new heights.

v. To introduce a new system that will take humanity to the next stage of development away from the defensive stage in which we are stuck in; where mankind makes weaponscheaper and then uses the weapons to get the expensive resources like oil.

w. To introduce a new system that will increase affordability to levels high enough to buy any resources be it oil etc. at market prices instead of relying on weapons to fetch these.

x. To introduce new laws and regulations to offer peace and consolation to those who seek justice and on the other hand, THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 10 introduce a new universal justice system that is fair and effective and feared by all, regardless.

y. To maintain individual differences in people and nations brought by mother nature recognizing this as everyone’s right by not insisting or imposing changes but maintaining individualism as long as the differences are within the law. That means preserving the nation-specific difference strengthening the borders of each nation as desired as long as all are willing to abide by all international laws and our rules and regulations. Encouraging diversity.

z. Above all, bringing peace to all mankind with the aim of networking and cooperating together on a global scale.

aa. To introduce a global leader who is not biased; a leader that represents all mankind and one who is for the people globally, one to lead all nations acting as an overseer and the guiding force with the aim of taking humanity out of the defensive stages where weapons and defense take center stage.

We believe as Tomorrow’s World Order that achieving the above goals and objectives will enable us to be able to;

i. Provide employment to all and making working worth it as income tax and national insurance will have been abolished. An extra savings account for everyone.

ii. Will enable us to achieve income equality and distribute income fairly.

iii. Make us be able to build brand new cities from stretch and provide excellent infrastructure that meets today’s standards.

iv. Increase living standards.

v. Protect the wealth and savings of everyone cushioning people against all kinds of crisis, therefore, improving living conditions and standards. Globally our objectives are;

a. To ban global wars, weapons manufacturing, possession, and trading.

b. To ban the killings of innocent women and children globally. THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 11

c. To ban all kinds of sanctions [which arose out of the ‘Scorched Earth’ policies of the 1900] that affect the voiceless; women and children.

d. This will enable us to introduce and put a system that guarantees human rights for all and freedoms in the process of improving the quality of life and living standards.

1. To achieve all this, we aim to appoint people who we will field-in in all democratic elections at all levels with the aim to win seats and office so that in the end our appointed and elected leaders become the rulers and leaders of the United Kingdom in all England, Scotland, and Wales and globally. Leaders from Tomorrow’s World Order must bring wealth levels never experienced before, empower all and bring peace to all while improving life, quality of life and raising everyone’s self-esteem to levels never thought of; the only way nature intended. Only Tomorrow’s World Order has the answers. Rights of the Citizens

2. We as Tomorrow’s World Order strongly believe that affordability or its lack is the root of all problems regarding human rights abuses. Tackling the lack of affordability is the answer to a global that upholds the rule of law.

3. So, even though human rights play a critical role to us; our emphasis is on tackling the root cause and then let our justice system bring law and order.

4. This constitution might not deal a lot with the rights of people etc. we strongly believe that solving affordability will automatically bring the rule of law to all. We believe there is a strong causal-effect relationship nevertheless we shall address these rights here. 5. The law gives everyone equal rights before it. Right to Life

6. Everyone shall have the right to life which means right not to be killed needlessly. We have introduced new laws dealing with women and children killers through our laws.

7. We have put new laws to ban wars globally.

8. Now illegal to consider women and children as collateral damage. Wars and invasions that kill women and children THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 12 will get the leaders who ordered these wars or commanded these to be dragged to court.

9. Soldier’s lives are now protected by our laws. It is illegal to send soldiers to war when chances of dying or be maimed are high. 10. Our system has eliminated the reasons for going to war. Every nation will be able to afford to buy any resources. All nations will have enough money to meet basic needs and cooperate with rebels. 11. Sanctions are based on the scorched-earth-principles of starving into submission, therefore, are banned.

12. We ban all sanctions that result in the deaths and suffering of women globally. Sanctions target women and children in order for the leaders to submit to the demands. We say no to such evil thinking.

13. To deal with violators we have introduced the E-laws. These are the Empathy Laws.

14. They are not discrimination laws but laws that arise due to the fact that it is human nature not to relate to things we are not familiar with.

15. Distance remote things are not close to us. Most people advocate for things that are close to them that they know and are familiar with.

16. Since Tomorrow’s World Order is a global political party, your enemies are protected by our laws that make you answerable to us. You can see now that there are no longer loopholes the main reason why now we banned wars. Any future wars will result in those involved facing our justice system; fact. Everyone has rights to the best quality of life.

17. Governments around the globe have greater responsibilities when it comes to quality of life. Some countries still practicing eugenics movements secretly loading their people with watermarks to protect them and disfiguring others with viral-digital and bio watermarks to justify conserving their own. Some governments are hacking and chipping everyone at birth with radiation-emitting devices as a population control and in the process lowering quality of life to medieval times with people looking like zombies etc. All violations of THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order 13 our laws.

18. All acts that violate the quality of life are banned by our constitution and laws.

19. We banned reliance on fossils and equipment, vehicles and infrastructure using these to be phased out. Pollution lowers quality of life. The constitution mandates the government to invest in research and development for cheaper cleaner alternatives.

20. We’re to embark on new city development schemes from stretch to improve quality of life. Rights to defend oneself.

21. Every person and country on earth has the right to defend itself. Depending on the threat at hand; some countries and people can and might be justified in the use of force to defend itself. If the threat is formidable and if not doing anything can be regarded as unreasonable then the right to self-defend can be called upon and that person can seek international help. Gender equality laws.

22. All people are equal regardless of gender and our constitution places requirements on all members to observe equality laws in carrying out all activities. During formation, the procedural rules must be considered, and equal representation be applied in all cases with the correct representation number to be adopted. Women have the same opportunities for the top jobs in the party. Gender in candidate listing.

23. A system must be adopted and made into bylaws to ensure a certain number of candidates will be selected because they are women, so we have a representation that is just. Ideally, 50% must be women but a third is the working minimum guideline depending on the number sort. Gender in the decision-making process.

24. In the decision-making committees and executives more must be done to include more women. Ideally, a large number must be women or 50% whichever is lower. Wars kill more women and children than men and we give women special privileges to be part of the decision-making process to help make policies that reduce their risks of being the victims of wars, sanctions,

THE CONSTITUTION Tomorrow’s World Order and invasions.


Tomorrow’s World Order.

Your Future Your Say. Building a Better Today.

Founder and President

Mr. David Gomadza   




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Our system believes and gives respect to national sovereignty as the only means to solving all current global issues. Since with national sovereignty you have the only true way of creating wealth that will solve balance of payments, global deficit, global debt, unemployment, economic and financial issues among other things. Tomorrow’s World Order strongly believe that the only solution is through a sovereignty guaranteed right: the right to print fresh new money without worrying about loan repayments and interest to pay. It’s the only way to wealth. The current system is there to screw every country on earth but benefit a few. Only printing new money is the route to wealth and solving today’s global issues but it’s not just a case of printing money, that is where we come in because hyperinflation and general inflation are animals hard to tame but we have mastered the skills and I will tell you how. FutureGoldCoin [FCI] is a future global digital currency for transactions and is to act as a Single Reserve Global Currency [SRGC] to work with a Sovereign nation’s currency side by side to steer growth and increase wealth exponentially at the same time fighting hyperinflation as printing money shall be the only source of new money. Never Global Debt Again. Replaces Global Debt with Perpetual Savings. Every system must have a leader to prosper. A leader to protect it, to lead it and safeguard its future hence the rise of Tomorrow’s World Order [TWO] with sovereign powers to print our own money, write and enforce our laws globally. Strong leadership guarantees the survival and existence of any system. FutureGoldCoin is a digital currency together with our system and comprehensive approach will change the world as we know it today from global debt to huge national savings and global wealth. Our system and our currency the FCI will provide;

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✔ A huge helper in fighting hyperinflation and normal inflation.

✔ Will eliminate the Triffin Dilemma and the Beggar-thy-Neighbor problems so that a country will stand by itself and only its monetary skills will determine success or failure rather than be derailed by external forces.

✔ Will not take away the sovereignty of any country which is the only way to be self-sufficient and the road to wealth, with the current system whenever a country uses another’s as a reserve currency it automatically loses this sovereignty and the ability to control its fiscal planning e.g. by devaluing the currency to increase exports. It relies on adjustments by the country whose reserve currency is in use and therefore technically under it you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.